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We welcome your involvement, whether it is fundraising, working with animals, leading a committee, attending an event, or becoming a board member. Volunteering with Friends of CMAS is rewarding and fun!


Friends of CMAS is sponsoring CMPD Animal Care & Control Monthly Free Rabies & Microchip Clinics. These clinics are free to all residents of Mecklenburg County and offer free rabies shots and now FREE microchips for each pet. 

Microchips have proven to be one of the best ways to identify lost pets and return them to their owners quickly. CMPD Animal Care & Control partners with several Community Checkpoint Partners around the County who are equipped with microchip scanners and can help scan dogs found in their areas.

Read about what to do if you find a lost dog and how to find your local Community Checkpoint location.




Join us as we do good work in the field of animal welfare in Charlotte. Your participation will help save lives and support the homeless pets in the shelter.

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Community Engagement

We are working hard to bring sustainable change to our community's approach to animal rescue and welfare.

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