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Helping the local animal shelter create, implement and maintain life-saving animal programs takes support from the community. Friends of CMAS raises funds and provides volunteers when needs arise throughout the year. We are dedicated to Animal Care & Control's Mission to save the lives of homeless pets and keep pets and people together. 


Shelter Pet Adoptions.

As a large municipal shelter, CMPD Animal Care & Control is obligated to take in stray animals, animal surrenders, and injured or sick animals. Evaluating, treating and adopting out as many as possible is important for the animals and for the safe operation of the shelter. With this high volume of animals available, there are so many great choices. We encourage anyone who wants to adopt a dog or other animal to visit the shelter first. You will get first pick of animals coming through each day, and you will pay a fraction of the cost of animals adopted from "Rescue" groups. Many times animals are free with a donation of your choice to support shelter programs.

  View Adoptable Animals

Community Education.

Whenever possible, we want to educate the public about pet ownership challenges, bite-safety and life-long responsibilities. The shelter has humane education sessions available to the public. Test your knowledge:


  • Did you know that there are specific ways to safely approach a dog you do not know?

  • Did you know that most dogs DO NOT like to be hugged.

  • Do you know WHY most dog bites occur?

Learn more about Pet Care, Ownership Tips and Pet Safety Sessions

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In 2021, over 5,200 animals were adopted from the shelter into permanent new homes.

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Get your animal fix and make a
difference by volunteering  at the shelter.

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Request a Humane Education class with Canine Officer Rusty and his human, Officer Julia Conner.

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Outdoor play and human interaction is critical to maintain a shelter dog's physical and mental well-being. 

Shelter Embraces Foster Model.

Foster homes are the best place for shelter dogs to live while awaiting adoption. While in a home, they learn good social behaviors, acceptable dog behavior, receive training and benefit from the love and attention of humans and often, other animal friends. 

CMPD Animal Care & Control is working to transition to the foster model and reduce long-term boarding of animals who often suffer from kennel stress. This is a hot trend in the sheltering field which supports the best environment for the animal. The goal is for CMPD Animal Care & Control to become a temporary sheltering facility and a community medical support clinic for people and pets who need assistance and medical care, including spay/neuter services.

Want to be a foster parent? Learn More

At the Shelter.

Anyone who loves animals will enjoy volunteering at Animal Care & Control. There are many different opportunities to serve, including dog and cat walking/socializing, participating in off-site adoption, exercise and fundraising events, helping in the office, doing laundry or cleaning cages, or fostering dogs and/or kittens.


Or just sitting with an animal who may be feeling scared and lonely and needs someone to provide comfort and security might be the most rewarding job of all.

Learn more about volunteering 


Donate Funds and Supplies.

An easy way to donate funds is by shopping through Amazon Smile. When you shop for personal items and gifts, Amazon will donate a percentage of qualified purchases to Friends of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Services. Learn more.

Want to purchase items for the shelter animals? Visit our Amazon Wish List and your purchase will be drop shipped directly to the shelter. 

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